Saturday, 23 July 2016

Calling out for a bit of help

Hiya all.

I know I have some wonderfully experienced crafty followers and readers
and am hoping one or some of you can help me out.
 I am trying making a mini quilt for my 1 Xmas Item 
and have gotten fully stuck.
There are a couple of things I want to do on it
that I haven't done before.

Now you all know I have health issues,
one aspect is my brain going wonky on occasion
(yep a real technical term :) )
my thinking goes a bit skewed, I can't think logically,
and if I try, my mind gets all overwhelmed and freezes up-
kinda works like that hourglass thing on a PC 
(or that twirling spinning coloured ball on Apple)
when the computer is saying "it's all too much, I'm not doing anything!".
Anywho in this state I can't work my way through figuring out anything new.
I may still follow simple step by step instructions, if I go slowly,
especially if they have pictures.
I can also still do some things I have done heaps of times
so they come almost automatically for me,
like brushing my teeth ;)
I just have to try not to "think" as much as I can, 
until the chemical imbalance (as I put it) shifts back.
The point is I still really want to work on this mini
and there's no knowing when my thinking will right itself.

I am hoping my fab readers maybe know of a tute (or something else)
or if you are really game, perhaps willing to try and explain yourself.

I've drawn a wonky (appropriate don't you think?) sort of diagram
 Firstly, at number 1, I want an itty border between the stitchery
and the proper border. I'm not sure what that's called,
 "peeper" keeps bouncing around in my head,
though that may be just some random word ;)
It's not another fully sewn border, one edge sort of flaps loosely,
I guess it's folded?
I can't get my head around how that gets sewn in 
nor how it stays down rather than poking out straight, if you know what I mean.
So that's my first how do I do?

Then at number 2, 
I want to add those hangy strips that have a button sewn on them.
 I'm lost as to how those are sewn together,
how you hide all those raw edges,
how it gets attached at the back- if it does...
I'm sure you get the drift ;)

I know under ordinary circumstances these are really, really simple techniques
it's just now whenever I let my brain anywhere near them
my thoughts go wonky,
all these freaking out questions show up and
as I said my brain gets overwhelmed, confused and 
puts up a "Gone fishing to bed" sign 
and retreats under the covers ;)
So if you know of any easy instructions for these sewing things,
clear diagrams, a simple tute you know of, a link you can add,
whatever it may be that means my head doesn't have to think,
yet I can still sew this,
please share if you have a moment :)
Thank you so very much!

I really appreciate your time :)
Sending you all love and warm blessings,
and a brain that thinks straight :) 


Sew about Friday

So my Friday started with more very loud rain 
at much-too-early-in-the-morning-for-a-free-day o'clock
I chose to ignore it, and metaphorically pulled my pillow over my head.
I wanted a sleep-in!

Mother Nature wasn't having any!
Another band of heavy rain half an hour later,
then another fifteen minutes on
saw me getting up and grumbling in a cranky wussy way :)

My body was pretty sore so I scrapped any of the really physical stuff.

I did manage a little chain piecing
of the little pinned bits I had on my flexible "plan" list
 and ended up with this tangled pile
 My ironing board is piled with I-have-no-idea-what-is-under-there stuff
so they are as yet unpressed.

Mostly I took it easy and watched tv,
stitching a little when I had a mini surge of energy
this is where I started from
and by four o'clock when the light was too dull
I had finished Santa's workshop
I'm so pleased at how the wording has come up :)

Then after a break to search for a coral thread I was happy with,
(my original choice was way too light)
I also got a solid bit done on the bears' box and ribbon too :)
With the last couple of months being somewhat dodgy 
the virtual company of a lovely group
of 36 like-minded crafty peoplies has been a lovely boost :)

As a beautiful surprise Wendy also gave us a sweet stitchy design.
She did explain it in her post, however most wonderfully, 
I seemed to have missed that aspect somehow, 
so instead had a lovely unexpected gift in my in-box this morning :)
So adorable :)

Well off to have a looksee at what the others got up to.
Wishing you all a gorgeous weekend 
hopefully with some sweet surprises 


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Poking my head

out from under my rock
I have realised it is nearing the end of July.

Delightfully I discovered in a stupendous act of serendipity.
FNSI  had been postponed...
to this Friday of all things!

Yay I get to stitch almost-with-people :)
Perhaps you could do with some virtual- company this weekend too?
Wendy has a lovely linky all set up :)

My potential plans are varied:
1/ maybe machine sew the bits and bobs I have pinned?
2/ perhaps work on this months still-in-progress 1 Xmas Item?
3/ possibly do the last things to some so-very-almost-mades?
...such as an already knitted hat needing to be sewn up
4/ probably at least a little stitching on some Christmas designs

Now that Mr Heater-man has finally fixed the heating
at least I shall be all lovely snuggly warm :)

Muchly looking forward to needling tomorrow night :)

Thursday, 2 June 2016

May's lottsa circles

 Hi, back with more circles :)
Realising I was so many circles behind
gave me a bit of a jolt
Some pieced blocks and circles I love :)
So I upped and put a bit too much pressure on myself to catch up.
A day or two later I stopped 
and very intentionally took all that pressure right back off me ;)
Some other fun circles
My goal then became two sets of 28 done for May,
(most of these circles were already cut out)
and hopefully some more patches fully sewn up and basted.
Circles 127-154
If my counting was right I was aiming to be about 10 circles behind,
instead of 40.
A little reminder: I started 25 November and as of the 3rd June 
I am meant to have 192 circles done.
Some more favourites
 I've adjusted my process somewhat.
I'm working in 28 day blocks now. I found day to day overwhelming.
And even scheduling weekly was annoying.
So now I just try to keep up the numbers within the 28 day chunks.
Love the white flowers on the green, and my double circle
Somewhere in there
I cut out 28 circles over a few days, maybe a week.
Then when I feel like it (usually a couple of days later)
I lay the backgrounds out and the circles wherever I feel like it.
I group them into week strips, 
put them over near baby Husky and walk away :)
Then, again whenever I feel like it
I sew them, often in week chunks, though not always.
 Unexpectedly the patches still really reflect how my month,
and I was; broadly speaking.
The circles for February are scattered and so random.
March is dark with a lot of blue and grey.
April scattered again, though with more 'pretty' circles than the recent months
The circles for May have been quietly cheery;
 with the odd bit of quirkiness thrown in :)
Sums up remarkably well ;)

So I have currently 182 circles sewn up, with 10 circles cut but not sewn.
So almost up to date.
Circles 155-182
I also have all the patches so far made sewn together
making me 2 days shy of the halfway point of my quilt!
Thanks again Audrey for this really fun sew along :)

Honour what really matters,

Monday, 30 May 2016

Gifting #3

I got my act together early this year 
making blankets for Cheryll's wonderful project Blankets of Love.
(Obviously though it has taken ages for me to get around to showing you here!)
Again the plans were simple to start,
four blankets of straightforward layouts.
Then they grew
when I discovered that with judicious cutting 
I could in fact make another from each set of fabric!
and er grew when while trawling through scraps for my Circles quilt
I came across some seriously girly flowery charm squares
so another blanket was born :)
So in total 7 blankets were shipped off to Cheryll
ranging from 11" to 14"
With snuggly cuddly flannel on the backs
and a little circle patch if the family wanted to write anything :)
I so love contributing to this project.
If you want more information you can find it at Blankets of Love,
and grab a coffee,
 cos browsing the galleries of the wonderful blankets and quilts given 
is a sweet way to spend some online time ;)

May you have a lovely smidge of snuggly cuddly love :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Gifting #2

My sister had an '0' birthday this year.
Not realising this I had bought her the presents she had asked for
baking things and a little e-cookbook.

Not really the kind of pressies that speak to a grand occasion like 
a big '0' birthday

She has two little boys, and one big boy (her hub)
so I thought she might like a girly something.
Not a really girly something, she is so not a girly girl woman
still something with a dash of femininity seemed called for
to combat any risk of an overload of boy germs ;)

I did find the perfect fabric in a sale
and there was exactly half metre left which seemed destined :)

I was aiming for a simple cushion,
and then of course complicated it, as I do if given a fraction of a chance.
The final cushion had an invisible zip and a flange
Pleasingly she loved it!
She was hugging it and stroking the flange
and knew exactly why it's a girly type pressie.
 Mind you I was not in the least unwilling to take it back and have it for myself  ;)

 Many giggles

Saturday, 21 May 2016

friday night sew in

Hi all!
It's been so lovely to join everyone for some Friday night crafting :)

On the sewing front
I finished piecing my Snowy Solstice blocks
from Terry's sew along last year.

 I was a bit tired, so fortunately there wasn't a lot left to do;
five 9-patch needed their rows sewn together to complete the blocks
and five snowball blocks needed their corners sewn on, cut off and pressed :)
So there's a fun pile of finished blocks to do something with :)
Then I sat down for some relaxing stitching on my next lot of Family Xmas cards :)
One and a bit done, it's so great they are fairly little, lol

Thanks Wendy for hosting,
it was lovely to get down to some crafty doings to start the weekend :)
Off to visit everyone and see what other sewing and stitching was attempted :)
Happy stitchy weekend :)